November 8th…

Nauvoo doesn’t open until 12:30 on Sunday so we slept in. We asked the guy that owns the log cabins for a breakfast recommendation and he recommended “Dotties”. Although he said the atmosphere wasn’t as good as the food. When we walked in it seemed to be a local joint, everyone knew each other. Nauvoo is about half Catholic and half Mormon. Dottie’s was apparently a Catholic hangout as the priest was there drinking his morning coffee with some pals. I’m assuming that’s what they log cabin guy meant by a “bad atmosphere”…he must be mormon.

We stopped at the rebuilt Nauvoo temple and took some pictures. (Right next to it was the Catholic church). Then we headed for Nauvoo. We saw the Mississippi and a ferry that rook the wagons across it, met the new Oxen they got for their summer wagon rides, went to Brigham Young’s home, John Taylor’s home, “cheap boots” shop and the post office. We also saw Joseph’s grave, the red brick store and Joseph’s home (all now owned by the “Community of Christ” or RLDS)

On my Dad’s side, we have a great, great grandma (Ann Cannon) who lived with John Taylor at one point (he was married to her sister) While in the John Taylor home they showed us a crossstitch done by “John Taylor’s sister in law”…so we’re thinking it was probably Ann!

After seeing a little more in Nauvoo, we hit the road again. We made it to the West side of Omaha NE where we checked into, you guessed it, a motel 6.

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