One small step for Jonah….

So yesterday Jonah started saying “dadada”. As Nick likes to tell me about him saying “mama” though, I’m sure he doesn’t associate it yet. But he will soon enough!

TODAY the greatest thing happened! Jonah has been experimenting with letting go with one hand or the other after he has pulled up into a standing position. Sometimes he even lets both hands go and can balance for a second. Tonight as I was preparing to put him in the bath tub, he was standing outside the tub holding the edge of it when suddenly he let go, stood there for two or three seconds and then took a step toward me. After which he fell into my arms. The whole time saying “dadada”.

Whenever he is crying or upset he seems to say mama and whenever he’s happy he now says dada. I’m sure Nick will be excited to hear this! Jonah likes to look at pictures of Nick and he coos and laughs the whole time…and then tries to eat daddy.

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