Here in Rota…

Well, one of the few upsides of being trapped here is Spain is that I got to go out and take some photos. This is going to be a long one…
My friend Mike and I caught a cab yesterday into town. After a few minutes of trying to explain what a beach was the cab driver finally got it. This is the beach in Rota, it’s absolutely gorgeous! There was hardly anyone around because it’s the off season and it was a little chilly. Nonetheless it was a beautiful scene.

After the beach we got some lunch from a little Cantina right near the water. Mike got mixed fried fish (as you can see it looks like they pulled the fish directly from the water into the deep fryer) and I had the Swordfish which was quite good. We ate outside and a cat we affectionately nicknamed Whiskers came begging for scraps. As you can see, Whiskers must have had a little accident. He is trying (unsuccessfully) to scratch his ear with his nonexistent leg while his nonexistent tail doesn’t go back and forth.

Anyway, after lunch we wandered around the city for awhile and I took some photos of the streets. They have these tile artworks all over the city that are really beautiful.

And lastly, I leave you with an image of a Spanish sunset.
Hopefully I’ll be leaving soon, but I have to say that my time here hasn’t been all bad!

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