Photos of Jonah’s birthday….

On Sunday we celebrated Jonah’s very first birthday with a family party. We had grilled cheese and tomato soup for dinner. Then we opened presents. Jonah was very overwhelmed with all the presents. After opening the first one he just wanted to play with that toy and wouldn’t really open any more. So Sadie and Carson gladly helped him out. He got lot’s of fun toys and books.

Then we had cupcakes. At first Jonah would just stick his fingers in the frosting and then lick his fingers off. He finally started eating a little more quickly and then it was all gone. He made the sign for “more” and grandma quickly obliged. This time Jonah shoved the whole cupcake in his face, as if he was trying to eat it in one bite.

Overall I think it was a good party. Jonah was overwhelmed with everything but I think he enjoyed it. He went to bed very easily that night and in the morning he headed straight for his new toys. I can’t believe my baby is ONE!

Thanks to everyone for the happy birthday wishes and for helping make his day special!

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