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Jonah LOVES to go outside. Every time the door opens he rushes to attempt an escape. He loves to run around outside, chase the chickens, pet the dogs and feel the dirt. He loves to jump on the trampoline with his cousins. But he hates the swing…which is funny because I hated the swings too. Actually I still hate the swings. For some reason I got it in my head when I was little that if I swung too high I would flip over the top and it still scares me.
Jonah is becoming quite the little daredevil. He likes to stand up on his little bike thing. Just today he stood up on the seat, no hands and started dancing and laughing. Yes he falls sometimes, but he still keeps doing it. He likes to climb everything. Shelves, washing machine, I’ve caught him several times as he’s almost flipped head first into the bath tub.

He is a happy boy, but he is happiest in the morning. Right after he eats breakfast, I get him out of his high chair and he claps. Then he proceeds to run all around the house yelling. He yells about everything…my sister laughs at me when I say he’s singing or talking or whatever it may be, she says it all sounds like yelling to her. What can I say, he was born yelling really.

In other news, Carson found a little yellow bird in the house. Not sure how it got in. Taylor caught it and as he was setting it free it stayed for about a minute. Cute little birdie.

I am continuing to train for my triathlon and have registered for a sprint triathlon on July 25th, as I’m not sure I’ll be able to make it to the Olympic one on Aug 8th. One of the perks to this triathlon thing is that I have lost weight…I just bought the smallest pair of pants I’ve bought since, well, maybe ever. (Although I do think that sizing may be changing with the times…people getting bigger, sizes are too) I spent several days at Nicole’s house last week quilting…still not done with the dang thing but getting a lot closer. I haven’t been working too hard on my other goals, motivation just hasn’t been my friend lately. I have been playing Bunco once a month with some ladies from the ward, biking to lunch on Wednesdays with some ladies and I guess you could say maybe I’m making friends.

I am missing Nick like crazy. I want him to come home tomorrow and never leave me again. Sometimes I feel really lame having to tell people I live at my parents house…but I guess it’s better than being alone in Maryland. I miss my house. My own space. The green, green springtime of Maryland. I miss my weekend partner in crime…my sidekick to every adventure, my sounding board. I keep telling myself that it won’t be too much longer…but it still FEELS like it’s gonna be forever! But thank goodness the weather has finally warmed up anyways.

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  1. What a great place for a little boy to be – having all that space to chase chickens, pet dogs, dig in dirt, etc. Looks like fun! We miss you both! And way to go Jen on the training and the small pant size. I had better follow your example!

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