13 months old!

Jonah is 13 months old today! I just barely got used to saying that he just barely turned one…now I have to say he’s 13 months! Jonah’s new tricks this month are not quite as much fun as other tricks he’s learned. He has started to throw fits now. When he doesn’t get what he wants he throws himself to the ground. Even if he’s on the wood floor and it bangs his head to do so. And sometimes, to emphasize it, he will get up and do it again, and again. It can be funny, but sometimes it’s frustrating. He uses the sign “more” all the time, and usually I’m not really sure what he wants more of, I think he just likes to do it. He loves to run around, sometimes literally, he just goes in circles. He loves to explore, especially outside. He gives hugs now, they are very sweet, except when he tries to bite your shoulder while giving you a hug…that hurts. He loves to talk talk talk but he’s not speaking English yet. He’s a cheese-ball and will pose for the camera. He’s gotten his top two teeth now for a total of four. I think he might be teething or still struggling with ear aches because he hasn’t been the happiest these last few weeks.

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