Natalie gets married

Natalie (Nick’s little sis) got married to David in the Provo temple. Congrats you two!
Jonah really wanted to take a dip in this fountain. It was kind of a problem. I’m pretty sure that in every photo that the photographer took is he screaming and reaching for the fountain.
Nick was there too…sort of. It really was sad that he missed it by four days.
It was hot outside. Check out Jonah’s awesome bow tie Julie whipped up.
After the ceremony we all went to lunch, which was delicious. Then that evening we headed over to a neighbors beautiful backyard for the reception…as you can tell from this picture Jonah and I had a rough night. (Which had partially to do with the fact that there was a stream in this back yard…the boy loves water.)
Hanging out.
The wedding party. Julie made all those dresses, wow.
The following night there was a reception a few hours away in Richfield UT, where David is from. Jonah had an easier time…there was no water. And he met a girl. Who punched him in the face and walked away…darn those girls. He didn’t even cry.

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