Cross country once again…

Nick and I drove the car back to Maryland this past week. We left Jonah with Grandma (that part was really hard for me…I’ve never really been apart from him) and hit the road.

The first night we made it to Mount Rushmore, SD. This was a surprise for Nick…it was a few hours out of the way but I knew he really wanted to go, so we made it work. Our first stop was at the Crazy Horse memorial, which let’s military in for free. (Mount Rushmore doesn’t even give a military discount!) Crazy Horse is insanely huge and is a work in progress. There hasn’t been much progress because they are refusing to accept any government aid in the project, which I admire. Next we headed for the President’s heads. We went to the evening program and then stayed at a log cabin in the woods. Just lovely.

Nick sustained a terrible sunburn on the tops of his feet while at Bear Lake (he didn’t think the put sunscreen on there…) and therefore we didn’t do the little walk around at Mount Rushmore…we didn’t do much walking around at all on our trip as Nick’s feet needed time to heal.

The next day we drove. and drove. and drove. We even considered driving through the night, but my back started to hurt and we stopped…somewhere.

The next day we decided to stop in Cincinnati Ohio to see Nick’s Aunt & Uncle. Nick had never been to their house and even though it was a little bit out of the way we figured why not. They were the best hosts ever! Kathleen made one of Nick’s favorite meals (which I’m sure she spent her afternoon shopping for and making) after which Steve took us bowling (another of Nick’s favorites) after which the whole family took us out for Graeters Ice Cream, the black raspberry chip is truly amazing. Thanks for a wonderful evening Pearsons!

The next day we made it to our destination: Fort Meade, Md! We got the house that we wanted (a really cute old brick one with a big unfinished basement, right across from the commissary) And the movers came the following Monday, only breaking a few items.

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