From the vaults…

Cleaning out old stuff and found these photos on an old camera. I’ve thought about these pictures once or twice…wondering where they had gone. These are some of the only photos of Nick and I when we were dating. We never really took pictures, which I regret. I think this must have been taken around October…we had just started dating in September.
We had just gone to see the Nightmare Before Christmas in 3D and were grabbing a midnight breakfast burrito at Betos. Couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take a picture of how goofy we looked in the 3D glasses. So happy I found these! It’s like a stroll down memory lane…man I love this guy. I remember when we first met…I said something really rude to him the first night we met, on accident, and he just brushed it off. I felt so bad, but he was really nice about it. He was just so easy to like. He’s so sweet and caring, and such a good loyal friend. He would do anything for me. That is definitely the biggest reason I fell for him. (Not to mention that he’s smokin hot! I like his hair in the photo…)

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