Chomping on screws

So few days ago Jonah walked into the kitchen and was chewing very contentedly on something. I asked Nick if he had given him something and he said no. So I proceeded to extract the source of the chewing. It was a screw. Yum.

Yesterday he woke up saying “what’s that?” and pointing at everything he could think of. So I have spent the past few days telling him what everything is, sometimes 50 times in a row.

He has started to sign “more please” when he wants things. He has been signing more for a long time but the added please delights me. So he pretty much gets what he wants when he does it. (He has also started signing Mom & Dad…signing seems to come easier to him than words)

We live right near the airport and every time a plane flies over us he stops whatever he’s doing to look up and point at it.

What else?…Just trying to write these things all down before I forget them!

Tooth count is up to 12 now. According to Nick you have 24 teeth on top and 24 on bottom. I knew that wasn’t correct but I had to stop and count my teeth to know just how many you do have…do you know?

We went to the zoo today…I’ll have to get the pictures from our friends who were smart enough to bring cameras. We saw a Gorilla eat his poo…nasty. I think Jonah liked seeing all the animals but it’s really hard to go out and about with him because he still naps twice a day. So to go anywhere he has to miss a nap and ends up pretty tired. But he did get excited for the tigers and the elephants. (Oh and also the Metro train, he liked that part) And thanks to the DC zoo being free (Smithsonian!), we can go back anytime.

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