Oh Shenandoah…

Harpers Ferry, WV was our destination this past weekend. We figured we would take advantage of the sunny weather while it lasts and go float down the river. And since we already own some tubes, we thought it would be good, cheap fun.

It’s about an 1 hr 20 mins to get there. Not too bad at all. Once we got there we stopped in at the visitors info (those places are my favorite!) They directed us to the three “tubing” companies in town that could give us a shuttle ride. The first place only did package deals, same with the second but the lady decided to be nice and sold us a shuttle ride for $5. When we got to the put in spot, we had forgotten to blow up our tubes. The lady there saw that we had the cheapy black inner tubes and felt bad for us. She was sitting there with a huge pile of tubes and no customers, so she said to go ahead and take some. Awesome!

Before tubing we stopped at a local fruit stand. Then we ate our fruit while we floated leisurely down the river with dragonflies all around. Lovely. (And yes we all had lifejackets, but the lovely Shenandoah is about a foot deep this time of year. So we were working on our tans.) (oh and also, those things they say about WV being super hick, they are true.)

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