The beach in October

Nick had Friday off and the weather was AMAZING so we packed up our bags and headed for the beach, our favorite beach, Assateague Island (the one with the wild horses roaming about). When we first arrived Jonah was terrified of the crashing waves. We set up our tent and then sat on the beach and watched the sunset. We brought a little propane stove thing and heated up some soup for dinner and then later we had some bedtime tea, on the beach. Romantic.

That night, I could not sleep. I was awake pretty much all night. Afraid that I would roll over on Jonah and squish him, or that he was too cold (which he wasn’t…he was too hot most of the night) Or that the horse just outside our tent was going to step on us. Subsequently, Nick didn’t get much sleep either. Sorry Nick!

The next day we played alll day in the 85 degree (in October!!!!) weather. Nick even got a sunburn (surprise, surprise…) Jonah warmed up to the water and was running in and out of it with Daddy. He loved digging in the sand for seashells and eating it, yes…eating sand. I didn’t even bring a swimsuit for Jonah or me, I thought it would be too cold to swim. We had a wonderful time. Maybe this weather will hold for one more weekend…

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  1. Looks like so much fun. Jonah is looking more like a little boy and less like a baby. We miss you guys! Thanks for the pictures and the wonderful descriptions of what you are doing!

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