Happy Birthday Hubby!

Nick is now officially 26! I am sooo grateful we could actually be together to celebrate this year. To start off the birthday morning, Jonah and I tiptoed around making breakfast while letting Daddy sleep. (My man gets up every morning at 6am to go do his required physical training…not many guys can say that their job forces them to work out every morning, Nick doesn’t even complain about it, in fact he is now training for a marathon!) Then we served him breakfast in bed. We also opened presents in bed. Clothes, money and a new heart rate/GPS watch for his marathon training. (Thank you to all our family for the wonderful birthday gifts, thoughts, cards and calls.)

We headed into DC later that day to go for a little hike around the Theodore Roosevelt Island.

We were going to catch a museum but we couldn’t find parking. We thought we had a spot, but really could not understand these signs…

So we headed to the yummy sushi place Kotobuki, where we enjoyed good sushi and beatles music. After which we stood in line to try the fabulous Georgetown Cupcakes, super yummy. Then we fought through traffic to get home and pass out from our wonderful day.

Happy birthday my man! I love you so much! May you have many many more years ahead of you. (But don’t worry, we can stop counting soon, since you are getting closer to 30 now.)

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