This Thanksgiving Jen, Jonah and I made the long drive from our home in Maryland to my Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Steve’s house in Cincinnati Ohio. We started out the day before Thanksgiving around 7pm and didn’t make it there until around four in the morning. I was pretty tired by the time we got there but Jen woke up for the last few hours and helped me stay alert. The next morning after all three of us got some good sleep, we headed upstairs to say “Hello” to our gracious hosts. Jonah was at first weary of their Yorkiepoo Sammy, but quickly warmed up to her as soon as Sammy stopped being so excited!
As you can see, Uncle Steve greeted us with a calm disposition.He quickly regained his composure though, and began to slice up the turkey! This year they brined the turkey, which made it about the moistest, most succulent turkey Jen or I had ever tasted!Soon we found ourselves sitting down to a traditional Thanksgiving spread, complete with food, family, new friends, and good conversation.After dinner we all played Catchphrase, adults vs. children. It goes without saying the adults wiped the floor with their kids.In my mind the highlight of the evening came when we played a game in which a paper bag was set on the floor and you had to pick it up with your mouth without touching the ground with any body part other than your feet. Even Jonah played (albeit from mimicking and no real understanding of the rules, but it was cute non-the-less).

The game ended in a three way tie between myself and two much younger cousins. I think I won for my height and weight category!

Anyway, we were SO grateful to our wonderful hosts who took us in over Thanksgiving. It was wonderful being around family, especially since we will soon be leaving for Italy and probably won’t have much chance to see any family for quite a while. Happy Thanksgiving!

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