Christmas conundrum

At what point in your life is it time to start having Christmas on your own? I stress out so much over what to do for Christmas every year. This year we had a plan in place, we were going to stay home. Then we found out we would be leaving for Italy in March. We will probably be there for the next three years, so I found myself re-evaluating our holiday plans. But it doesn’t seem like a financially smart decision for us right now to spend $1000 on plane tickets to get home when we just saw everyone only a few months ago. At the same time though, should we decide to come home from Italy at any point, those tickets run $1000 a piece…for three of us that’s a bit painful. So I think we will probably be sticking with the plan at this point. We may try to get back west in February, when the tickets are cheaper than holiday ones. But we’ll see.

Then there are the brothers…Cody is out on his mission and won’t be back until June or August. So we won’t be seeing him for five years! This might happen with Taylor as well…we are scheduled to be in Italy until after Taylor turns 19…

The moral of this story is, don’t move so far away from family unless you are a millionaire!!! haha. We do miss and love everyone…wish we could see your faces more often.

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