New York, New York

What to do with a three day weekend? Go see the lovely miss Rachel in New York of course! Rachel hadn’t met Jonah yet and Nick and Spencer (Rach’s finace!) hadn’t met…so we had to get the crew together! Rachel and Spencer were wonderful hosts and tour guides. (They were sooo good with Jonah, I can’t wait until they have kids!) We walked through central park, went in the FAO schwartz toys, walked down wall street. We took the ferry to Ellis island and learned all about the great immigration and all the words that we use in the English that are actually from other languages because of what a melting pot we are…such as Slurp (dutch), Kerplunk (german?), bum (German), Schmuck (yiddish) and lot’s more. We enjoyed New York pizza for dinner (I didn’t really like it) and New York bagels for breakfast. It was a fun weekend!

$24,999 Barbie Foosball table…INSANE. FAO Schwartz is a bit expensive!

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  1. Awesome pictures! I love them! Good luck with getting ready for Italy! I think waiting for anything is terrible! That's how I feel right now- just ready for things to ACTUALLY happen!

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