My legacy…

Recently I started a facebook group for the women of the Fort Meade ward. Because it’s a military ward it is tough to get to know everyone because it’s constantly changing. I wanted everyone to have a place to tell each other about “non-church” stuff. Like good sales going on or an awesome recipe they discovered or parties they were throwing…anything. I’ve gotten some pretty good response to it. We currently have 37 members. I think we just need a few more and we will have everyone in the ward!

Also, for the last few months I have been trying to start a Bunco group. It’s never really worked. But this month I said to myself “to heck with the numbers” and decided to do it even if only one person said they’d come. We had it last night…on Monday I had four people coming. But by yesterday afternoon I had suddenly locked in 12 people! The perfect number! Of course one of them decided to go into labor a month early so we ended up with only 11. But these ladies were super creative and made a table of 3 perfectly functional. Awesome. Hopefully the group will continue, everyone seemed to love it as much as I always did with the group in Moscow.

One of the women in the Bunco group asked me “why are you doing this? Aren’t you moving soon?” I suppose I just wanted to make some difference…I just wish I would have done it sooner so I could enjoy it a little longer 🙂

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