I’ve been thinking about feathers! I met a girl from Portland who was wearing a feather in her hair and now I just can’t stop thinking about it..hers was more like an extension to her hair hanging behind her ear, I can’t seem to find one like it anywhere. But in thinking about feathers and looking for the perfect feather accessory I’ve thought of a few things that I love that would make my “look”…

A nice wide leather bracelet. With some texture to it, ingrained or cut out. Or maybe braided.

Something turquoise. My favorite. You can’t go wrong when it’s this color. I’m obsessed. And I do love these flowers.

And of course, feathers in the hair. This one is tricky…I’ve seen a lot of really ugly ones, and some really lovely ones. It could be a headband, clip or hair extension…but it has to look nice.

What is this look anyways? All these things together…maybe bohemian? Granola? I dunno…hopefully it’s not tacky anyways.

Mostly I want you (Nick) to know what I’ve been thinking about lately because this month is March, and you know what that means!

3 Replies to “Feathers!”

  1. If he doesn't get that hint, he is in trouble!
    However, even though I am sure you could pull off the feather look, I'm not entirely sure you want him picking something like that out, because it is so close the the tacky line…

  2. I could see a nice pair of feather earings- I mean hello, Gwyneth Paltrow pulled pink ones off at the grammy's and Glamour magazine said it was fashionable. I think the headbands are harder because you have to try them on to see but I like the feather concept. 🙂

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