All about APO’s

So a lot of you have had questions about our address and how it works. Basically an APO is a military overseas PO box. So all of your mail gets sent to New York, where it is processed by the military postal service and sent on a military bird overseas. Sooo…when you pay for “overnight shipping” that just means it will get to New York overnight, the military will take as long as they like getting it over the ocean and to our post office. So far we’ve found that things come in about a week. We have heard sometimes it takes two weeks, but everything we have gotten has taken 7-9 days.

If you are sending anything heavy, I recommend using flat rate boxes. If it is light, use your own box or envelope. From what I understand you get U.S. shipping rates up to a certain size, then you have to pay extra (it’s pretty big though, so no worries). Don’t pay extra to have it go faster. But if it is valuable, do pay for insurance because it does cover it even when handled by the military postal service.

Some online companies do ship to APO’s you just have to check their policies. Amazon ships MOST things to APO’s. There are a few larger or more expensive things that they won’t. Their “2 day shipping” does not come in two days, but it is nice to get the free shipping from them. So if you need to send us something that can be bought on Amazon, take advantage of the free shipping on over $25.

You will have to fill out a customs forms when sending anything besides a letter to us. For envelopes and small packages you need the smaller customs form and for boxes you need the bigger one. You will have to make an itemized list of what is in the package, how many of each item, and how much it’s worth. They will tell you it has to be exact, but if you don’t know, just write something.

Ummm…I think that’s it. If you have other questions let me know.
And when I said you could only address things to Nick I was wrong so our address is:
CMR 427 Box 3949
APO, AE 09630

(APO is the city, AE is the state)

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