Conversions hurt my head

Let’s talk about what it’s like living in a foreign country. The biggest thing that both Nick and I have noticed is how many conversions we have to make (and remember how to make!). Such as euros to dollars, dollars to euros. Pounds to kilos, gallons to liters, and miles to kilometers. It gets really tricky when you are at an Italian grocery store and the price of produce is in euros per kilo. Umm, yikes. Oh yeah and Celcius to Farenheit…even my oven is in Celcius! AUGH!

Then there are the road signs, we had to learn them all to get a license here but it’s still hard to remember sometimes. And they have some doozies. Thank goodness our speedometer has kilometers per hour on it!

Then there is the language. We are attempting to learn it, but we have both realized that it is going to take time and perseverance. Just one more thing to make our brains work work work.

It takes a lot of brain power to live here! I’m hoping all of this will come more naturally with time but right now, we are mentally exhausted!

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  1. Oh my goodness, just be glad you have young and capable brains! Those signs are a riot. What is the horn in the triangle – are you supposed to honk? This was a great post. It's amazing how different things can be, even in a country that isn't that different i.e. third world. Love you all! (Julie)

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