Getting behind….

So I’m getting a little behind on my blogging…we just got back from a trip to Germany to see some friends and some sites. It was tons of fun and I promise to eventually post about it.

Speaking of behinds…this is a public bathroom. I call it “the hole”. This particular hole is special, it has little islands for your feet…usually you just have to straddle the hole. Not all public bathrooms are like this, but I dread the ones that are!

2 Replies to “Getting behind….”

  1. HAHAHA! I totally used this one wearing chacos. And it totally grossed me out. But I can't just not wear chacos…I just don't touch my feet until I can wash them. Yeah…now you've got me thinking about it……gross. But even in shoes it's gross…really it just makes me never want to touch anyone's feet/shoes ever again.

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