Off to Tuscany!

On Wednesday we attempted to make our way down to Camp Darby, we made it all the way there before realizing that we had left an important document (namely a passport) and needed to return to Caserma Ederle (home base) to retrieve it from the gate guards there. When a visitor comes on to post they have to leave their passport at the gate and retrieve it before they leave. We drove off without retrieving Aneesa’s and not a single one of us thought about it until we were three hours away at our destination and realized we couldn’t get onto Camp Darby (another military post) without her passport. So we drove home. Thursday morning we woke up and tried again.

We got to Camp Darby and set up our camp. Then we headed for the beach. When we arrived Aneesa casually said, “I’ve never been to the beach”. I couldn’t believe it, so we gave her the full beach experience and buried her. Jonah decided he wanted to be buried too. Speaking of Jonah, that kid is fearless, he went right out into the waves and a few times the waves went over his head and he just held his breath, no problem.

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