Costozza, backyard tour

So I accidentally volunteered to be in charge of a “trips and tours” club here on post. I say accidentally because I said I would help and then I showed up to a meeting and apparently I was the only volunteer so I was by default in charge. They have a “Vicenza Community Club” here that is actually pretty awesome. They run the thrift shop and donate the money back to the community in different ways. They also have lot’s of social activities and specific “mini-clubs” like the travel one. We had our first event this weekend, it was a tour of a town called Costozza, only a few miles from Vicenza. It was actually very interesting, Italy has so much history it’s overwhelming sometimes.

The tower where Galileo invented the telescope

Neat old church with that has a piece of the Cross on display

Old Tuscan wagon, beautiful!

House built in a cave, built originally for the prisoners who quarried the rock

Big cave, rock quarry where Palladio personally picked his rocks

Neat ceiling in the Villa da Schio

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