Nice & Moncao

Last weekend we headed to Monaco for the world’s best fireworks set to music. Monaco is a micro country of only 33,000 people. Most of them are very wealthy. It is built on a horseshoe shaped bay along the French Riviera that is filled with beautiful yachts. The Monte Carlo casino is in Monaco, where the rich go to gamble. The fireworks are for Monaco’s independence day, they have a competition over the summer and whoever wins gets to do the display in November.

Monte Carlo Casino

Carnival in Monaco

Even the little boats are HUGE

“we are the champions…..”

Monaco is extremely expensive so we stayed in Nice, France. It’s just a short bus ride to Monaco from there so it worked really well. Nice is also along the French riviera and is home to the famous Promenade D’Anglais (walk of the English). A lovely walking path along the beach. We walked aaaaall day exploring Nice, it was nice. We took the touristy train tour to get a feel for the layout and main sights and then we just soaked it all in and ended the day with some yummy buttery French food and Creme Brulee.

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