Bonamini Olive Oil

Not too long ago, Jen, Jonah and I all got to go to an olive grove / olive oil factory. Bonamini oil is a very fine olive oil company that deals solely in extra virgin (meaning oil from the first pressing of the olives). The tour was extremely interesting. They waste absolutely nothing. After the pressing is finished, the olive waste and natural by-products are used as fertilizer. Even the pits get used as fuel to heat the homes of the workers. After we toured the factory we got to taste test. Usually at the markets, to taste test oils you put it on pieces of bread, but here they had us taste it out of tiny cups to really get the flavor. Both Jen and I had to work hard not to gag. Jonah though loved it and wanted more after every tasting. The lady who was giving us the samples was rather astonished. Anyway, all around it was quite a good time!

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