Christmas Card

We are two days from Christmas and although getting Christmas Cards out has been on my mind, it just hasn’t happened. So for this year, we are doing it by email.
Happy Holidays! or as they say in Italy “Buone Feste”! We are thoroughly enjoying our time here in Italy and cannot believe how fast it seems to be going by. This year for Christmas we will be staying home, so if you have Skype, turn it on and give us a call! We’d love to hear from everyone.
(Click on photo to see it bigger, cuz you know you want to see us closer!)

A quick review of our year:
* Jen and Jonah made a trip to Utah/Idaho to visit family before the big move
* Moved from Fort Meade Maryland to Vicenza Italy in April
* Jonah turned two in May
* Trip to Rome
* Jen and Jonah went to Ukraine to see Elder Woodbury before he headed home
* Trip to Germany
* Jen’s cousin Aneesa comes to visit for three months, lot’s of traveling with her including Switzerland, Tuscany, Germany and local towns like Venice, Verona and many many more.
* Trip to Monaco to see the world’s best fireworks
* Got a pet bird at the market and named him Charley
* Stayed home in December due to unexpected car troubles

But the best part of our year has been learning so much about the Italian language, culture and of course, food. Sometimes we get a little homesick for familiar things but then we start planning our next outing and we feel much better. We have realized that three years really is a very short amount of time and it is flying by!

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