Seeing fish in Hawaii

While in Hawaii we went to the aquarium. The kiddos loved it (Jonah now has a whole new vocabulary that includes words such as shark, sting ray, frog fish, octopus, star fish, puffer fish, parrot fish, angel fish…and he can correctly identify all of them). I discovered my new favorite fish…the frog fish. (see photo below).

They blend into the coral and appear to barely move. But they actually move so fast you can’t even see it. They dangle a fleshy blob in front of their mouth and when a fish comes to eat it, they eat the fish. They can eat things up to twelve times their size. They swim using jet propulsion. So cool!

Cousins! Jonah could not get enough of his cousins. Now that we are home he still talks about them every day.

Jonah also couldn’t get enough of the grandparents…

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