Corfu, Greece

Corfu is the second largest of the Greek islands. It is full of olive trees and is where much of the olive wood bowls and such from Greece are made. We browsed some of the olive wood bowls and found them to be very expensive, but when you think about it, olive trees are not very big so in order to get a piece of wood big enough to make a large bowl it takes just the right tree. Plus it is a VERY hard wood which is difficult to carve.

In Corfu there is an “old fortification” and a “new fortification”, Both a result of Venetians ruling the area. We explored the old fortification (the photo above) and climbed to the very top of it (not an easy task in July heat in Greece), but the view was beautiful.

From atop the fortification we saw a beach we wanted to get to. It took some figuring out, but we found it. We seemed to be the only tourists there. It was definitely a local hang out. The water was amaaaazing after our little hike.

After our first dip in the Ionian sea we wandered the narrow streets of Corfu. It definitely had a Greek feel to it.


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