Argostoli, Greece

Argostoli is a very small port town, there didn’t seem to be much there. We asked a shop keeper and she said to go see the turtles. The turtles ended up being kind of interesting. There are 6 loggerhead turtles that hang out in this bay and eat the fish guts that the fisherman throw out from their daily catch. This is highly unusual as these turtles do not normally eat fish. Because these turtles are so “lazy” and do not travel very far, they have very thick moss on their shells.

Seeing as there wasn’t much in town, we headed for the beach. We learned on the way there that Greek taxi drivers are very offended if you try to haggle with them. After asking three separate taxi drivers for a lower price (that a shop keeper told us we could get), receiving no response except the screeching of tires…we finally accepted their price and rode to the beach. Well worth the price though…I’ve never seen water so clear…it was incredible. Not even in Hawaii does the water look like this.

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