last day of Paris

Four and a half days in Paris just isn’t enough. You could spend a lot longer than that and still have things left to do!

For our last day we decided to pop in to the Orsay museum (we had heard it was better than the Louvre…I’d say they are about on par). Lot’s of famous impressionist artwork in a big old train station.

The food in Paris was wonderful. Very expensive, but oh so good. We loved stopping in to every little bakery and pastry shop and trying lot’s of different cheeses. Nick and I both fell in love with Macarons and had to eat them multiple times. Oh and the baguettes and all the random cheeses…so much good food.

Below is a photo from the inside of the Saint Chappele. It was built to house what is thought to be Christ’s actual crown of thorns. It is a very small church made almost completely of stained glass. The glass tells the story of Christ’s life. The window right over the alter depicts the story of the crown of thorns. This picture just cannot do justice to the way the sunlight came through those windows…

Amd what trip to Paris would be complete without a trip up the Montemarte hill to see the church (or mostly the view of all of Paris from the church) and catch a show at the Moulin Rouge (kidding, we just walked by, lol).

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  1. Thanks for sharing all of your beautiful photos of Paris! You are having marvelous experiences and it is fun to be able to see where you’ve been. You’re a good-looking family! Love you all!

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