German Christmas markets

I’ve been wanting to check out the German Christmas markets so we planned a trip for while my Mom was still here. We drove up and stayed at the military resort, Edelweiss, in Garmisch Germany. On the way up we stopped in Innsbruck, Austria for their market. It was beautiful but REALLY cold so we didn’t manage to get out the camera much.

The next day we headed up to Munich, for the huge market there. We parked the car and walked up to the Marienplatz (main square) just in time to hear the Glockenspiel (really cool old clock) chiming and see the little dancing people on the tower. We wandered the Christmas market for several hours taking it all in. And yes, I know I look ridiculous in the pictures but I was trying to keep my new baby warm.

Then before heading home we made one last stop at the “Disney castle”, King Ludwig II’s Neuschwanstein. Right next to Neuschwanstein is another castle, the one Ludwig grew up in. We opted to tour Neuschwanstein, which was never completed due to Ludwig’s death.  They don’t allow photos inside so you’ll have to take my word that it was neat, Ludwig was an interesting guy with an affinity for the opera which inspired the design of the castle.  My favorite was his bedroom, it was full of so much wood carving that they said it took 14 carvers 4 years to complete. His bed had tons and tons of spires coming off the top of it.

Check out this website to see photos inside the castle

And lastly a few photos of the fancy military resort lobby with their beautiful Christmas decor up including the most awesome Santa chair.

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