4: The Cliffs of Moher

Ah, the beautiful cliffs of Moher. The subject of my nightmares ever since I booked tickets to Ireland. So many people have died at the cliffs, falling or jumping off. I had nightmares of Jonah running right off. When we arrived at the cliffs you better believe Jonah was not EVER at ANY moment without a hand wrapped tightly around his wrist. There is a visitor center and a nice big wall along the main part of the cliffs, but I was still very vigilant to keep a hand on him. So much so that his little hand was turning white and almost purple at times, lol. Did I mention how much the cliffs terrify me??? It is always really windy at the cliffs (which is sometimes how people fall off), but they day we were there they had just had gail storm winds the night before, so it was really really windy.  But they were beautiful!





When we arrived back at our B&B for the night, our hostess (who we had gotten off to a bad start with, by forgetting to mention CHILDREN in our reservation, ooops) warmed up a bit and told us a story about the cliffs…and her son, when he was about 10…FALLING OFF THE CLIFFS!!!!!!! He was one of very few people who have survived a fall. He landed on a ledge a ways down and they were able to rescue him by helicopter. She said when she first saw his body she just thought he was going to be brain dead. But he woke up and said something intelligible to her and then went into a coma for several months. But because he had woken up and spoken to her, she knew he would be alright. Crazy! I think I would have moved somewhere far away from those dang cliffs.

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