Road trippin with Tater

Our first stop on our super road trip was Croatia. Pula to be exact. We did some snorkeling and then hung out at the coolest tiki bar around where there is some good cliff jumping and some super silly toys.
CroSlavVaca-1 CroSlavVaca-3 CroSlavVaca-6 CroSlavVaca-8 CroSlavVaca-12 CroSlavVaca-13 CroSlavVaca-14

Next stop was Plitvice falls. It was an interesting drive getting there as it is about an hour off the main road and we got to see some very interesting little towns and people. Everything was really run down. But when we got to the falls, we found TONS of tourists. And for good reason, it was BEAUTIFUL. There were so many waterfalls that we walked around for hours going “oh, another waterfall”. We pretty much got “waterfalled out”, which is hard to do in my opinion.
CroSlavVaca-19 CroSlavVaca-27 CroSlavVaca-17


Next stop was Lake Bled Slovenia. Where we were supposed to do some cool stuff, but it was pouring the whole time. So we stayed in awesome “glamping huts” then went to a bee museum and headed home a bit early.


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