Catching up on July happenings

Ah July. Have I seriously not blogged since June? YEESH! Sorry about that people. Here’s some highlights:

Declan: End of June he starts to roll over. Then beginning of July, sitting up on his own. End of July, crawling…sort of. It’s an army crawl (still is) I think crawling hurts his knees on Italy’s hard floors. He pushes off with his big toes, mostly his right one. Then within two weeks in August he popped out four teeth. The top two are too far apart and the bottom two are too close. Adorable. (Just today, September 17th, I noticed a 5th one coming in too!)

Jonah highlights: Jonah got his own rock climbing harness and went climbing. We failed as parents to teach him how to get down before sending him up and paid the price by waiting over an hour for him to decide to climb back down, ever so slowly.

We had a bike given to us for Jonah that did not have training wheels. Our neighbor told us to take the pedals off so he could practice scooting and balancing. After about a month of that we put the pedals back on and Jonah just took off. He is a bike riding pro now. He really has a talent for it, the kid can even dodge cones and races around like it’s no big deal. It’s hard to believe he’s really only been doing it for a month.

He loves to try to catch all the little lizards outside. He continues to be the best big brother ever, unless their car seats are next to each other in the car, then he tortures his brother on car rides. That’s what brothers do right? He loves his little buddy.





I love my boys.

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