The road to Rome

September 4th, Nicole, Dustin, Declan and I packed up my little red car and made our way to Rome. We made a¬†few stops on the way…

Our first stop was in the land of Ferraris, where Dustin got to test drive a Ferrari. He was pretty much giddy. Declan considered trading in his ride…

DSC00440Next we stopped at my favorite hilltop town, Civita Bagnoregio. Bellisimo! The town apparently has started charging entry (easy to do since there is only one way in) to try to do some repairs. It’s pretty much a ghost town right now because people got scared the whole place would fall off the cliffs after a big earth quake.

Declan enjoyed being tortured in the back seat by his Aunt Nicole. But she made up for it by feeding him chocolate chips when I wasn’t looking.

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