Tuscan lakes and Perugian Chocolate

On our way to Perugia for the Europe’s biggest Chocolate festival we stopped in a random little town on lake Trasimeno that was really pretty. It had the world’s largest frying pan where they apparently cook some fish up every year for a festival.



And on to a HUGE festivale di Chocolate! It was a bit crowded and crazy, but we did get to eat lot’s of chocolate. Jonah got a balloon sword, and then popped it by swinging it at a stranger, he was very upset. Grandpa got him a new one and then he didn’t want it…the joys of children. (And of course the patience of Grandparents!)

P1020084 P1020087 P1020082

Some of the booths were swarming with bees, which scared business away…I felt bad for them! I think it was the booths that had real fruit flavored chocolate.


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