Backpacking with kids

For labor day weekend, Nick and I decided to take the kids on a backpacking trip. While we did have fun,┬álet me inform you of two things that we learned: #1: we will not be taking kids backpacking again until all of said children can walk on their own two legs. #2 It would also be very helpful if those children could help carry all the extra stuff required to have them along. Yeah…kids and backpacking…I just don’t know if it’s enjoyable. But flaming gorge was beautiful.
IMG_20140831_135304 IMG_20140831_134422 IMG_20140831_132126

We did a hike to some dinosaur prints, which was pretty cool. Jonah swore every branch he saw on the ground was a dinosaur bone.

IMG_20140831_132048 IMG_20140831_092407 IMG_20140830_200642 IMG_20140830_143935

We hiked a few miles along the rim of the gorge and then set up camp. Nobody got much sleep that night as we were in mountain lion territory. We saw a bunch of deer which was really neat. But Nick saw a mountain lion on our hike and we both heard rustling all night. In the morning there was a track right between our tent and the string of the rain fly. And the leftovers of a fresh kill not too far from our camp. YIKES!

IMG_20140830_142354 IMG_20140830_135808 IMG_20140830_134245

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