The boys enjoyed scooting around on our lovely back patio in September.


And on September 12, they got to meet their newest nephew, Natalie’s first son, Graham. Both Jonah and Declan just LOVE holding him.


At the end of September we went to a giant pumpkin weigh off at Thanksgiving point. It almost inspired me┬áto grow one next year…but then I thought about how much space these things would take. Our new yard is big, but not that big.
IMG_20140927_110928 IMG_20140927_105021


Me and the boys went for a hike in American Fork canyon. We were hoping to see some fall leaves, but it has been such a warm fall that they are not changing yet. Declan picked up a rock and carried it in the folds of his neck for most of the hike, not sure why, but it was cute.

IMG_20140925_162612 IMG_20140925_160450 IMG_20140925_154952 IMG_20140925_153412

We watched a caterpillar that Jonah and his friends found turn into a cocoon and then a butterfly. We learned the hard way that if the butterfly does not have enough room to spread it’s wings in the first hour or so, they will dry curled. And since our butterfly hatched in the middle of the night, it was too late when we found him. Bigger container next time!



We took Grandma Lloyd along for a hike up to Battle Creek falls. We found a lot of strange yellow rocks that looked a lot like Jonah…


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