Halloween 2014, Mario and Captain America

So let’s talk about Halloween 2014. The boy’s had a blast! Halloween is not a big thing in Italy, so we went a little overboard indulging in Halloween activities this year. A week before Halloween the community center had a Halloween party so we went to check that out, there were lot’ s of fun games and TONS of people.

IMG_20141024_182150 IMG_20141024_180113

We wanted to try out all the local trick or treat hot spots so we hit three of them. A car dealership with all the local businesses doing trunk or treat, main street businesses and our neighborhood. Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd joined us for neighborhood trick or treating, it was so much fun to have them along!

IMG_20141031_152235 IMG_20141031_160801 IMG_20141031_145354

Jonah had a parade through his hallways at school and then I helped with his school party as I am the room Mom, so I spent all day at his school. We had mummy dogs for dinner the night before Halloween, Jonah and Declan each made their own.


IMG_20141031_095059 IMG_20141030_182106

A few weeks before Halloween we went to Cornbelly’s for a good old fashioned corn maze and other fall activities. Jonah was not a fan of the corn maze as being lost is really not his favorite thing (we may have been lost a few too many times in Europe, haha).

IMG_20141030_170531 IMG_20141016_180538 IMG_20141016_180404 IMG_20141016_171201 IMG_20141016_164311 IMG_20141016_161129IMG_20141016_165510


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