August 2015

Here’s what we were up to in August:

The beginning of August marked the peak of my training. My hardest week included a total of 18 hours of training. I was exhausted! I was so excited to start my taper for the race and just do the race and be done for awhile. This training has taken up all my free time this summer. I have barely seen my husband and I have no social life. I have almost given up many times…there were days that I was so exhausted that I wasn’t sure I could make it upstairs to get in bed. But there were also beautiful realizations of how strong I am, physically and mentally. And sometimes my training was very enjoyable.
I did the alpine loop a few times, trying to add some elevation to my long training rides.

Jonah and Declan have been enjoying there weekends with Daddy at the fun center. Thank you Grandma Lloyd for the pass of all passes!
IMG_20150801_111152 IMG_20150801_112205We got a coupon for a free day at the bouldering gym down the street from us. Mr. Jonah was of course in heaven. And Declan tried it out a bit. It’s a cool gym because they have this big blob in the middle that you climb up to the top of and stand on and then there are climb down spots. Most bouldering gyms there is no top to stand on and you have jump down.
IMG_20150818_122722 IMG_20150818_132313 IMG_20150818_174756

Jonah started first grade! He will be attending a Chinese immersion program. It is a public school but it is outside our area. It is a lottery to get in and we got a spot! It’s a 15 minute drive…so it takes me an hour every day to drop off and pick up. But we are hoping it will be a fantastic opportunity for him!

IMG_20150819_082905 IMG_20150819_091316


Declan and his friend Isla.


More friends, Jayden and Sawyer.I trade child care with their mom. It has worked out fantastically for both of us. (Except her kids are super easy so I’m pretty sure I have the better deal).


Declan loves his ukelele.


Jonah loves his dog.


I found our old car! With an Italy sticker on the back! (Not really, our car is in a junk yard in Italy).


A bird pooped on our window, big time. The laughter in the car was raucous. What is it about boys and poop?


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