“I got hit by a bike”

My poor little Jonah is so accident prone it’s ridiculous. Nick got a call from the day care the other day while I was teaching swim lessons. They said Jonah had gotten a little scratch on the side of his face and they just wanted to let us know. They didn’t know what happened but when we asked Jonah he said “Gino hit me with the bike”. After talking to Gino’s mom, she was able to obtain a confession confirming that Jonah was in fact hit by a bike. Oh, Jonah.

2 Replies to ““I got hit by a bike””

  1. Wow, I don’t think I would call that a little scratch on the side of his face – it looks like he lost a fight! Poor little guy!

    1. Yeah, the sad thing is this was back a few months ago and he still has what looks like a pretty good scar across half his forehead. Really hoping it goes away….

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