April 2015

What we were up to in April:

Jonah at his school Easter egg hunt. I love the excitement!
IMG_20150403_110103Declan at the neighborhood Easter egg hunt. Nick took the kiddos to this one while I had to work.
IMG_20150404_090159 IMG_20150404_090909

A little hike to bridal veil falls with my honey bunny for my birthday. He made a picnic dinner complete with mason jar cheesecake for dessert that took him all day to make. I’m so spoiled on my birthday this year! Surprise Italian party, surprise picnic with just the husband, no minions. You’d think I was turning 30 or something!


Swimming at the local pool. Jonah is quite the fish.


And Declan does not enjoy swimming as of yet. He always wants to go but then gets in and wants to leave after only a few minutes. He never has liked water…he used to SCREAM during baths as a baby.


Traditional Easter Egg dying party.


Playing with the neighbor kids.


I made them some peeps play dough.


A trip to Farm country at Thanksgiving point.


And to the gardens at Thanksgiving point for the Tulip festival. The boys loved watching the honey bees buzz around.

IMG_20150410_112941 IMG_20150410_115515

A crazy rain storm flooded the field next to our house.


Their new favorite thing to do.


And a random snow storm, as viewed from Nick’s commute. He is such a good guy for hanging in there on his commute. 1.5 hours each way, every day.


Jonah practicing his reading on a friend, Jayden.


I started my training for my very first HALF IRON MAN! I think I lost my mind when I signed up in December, haha. After all that rain the trail I ride on flooded, this is supposed to be an underpass.



Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury came for a visit. Grandma watched the kiddos while I went to work one day and she took them to a fun new park.

We took Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury to the tulip festival (between this time, the time with the boys and 2 times for work I went 4 times the year!)




IMG_20150427_162002 IMG_20150427_164700

We had an early birthday party for Jonah with my parents while they were in town. Jonah has been wanting to do the ropes course at the curiosity museum for some time, so we brought them with us and did it! This boy is fearless. It’s a little scary to watch as his Mom. My parents were pretty fearless too actually. This was really high up! You can’t tell in the photos because I went up to spots where I was level with them, but the actual ground is several stories down.
IMG_20150427_185526 IMG_20150427_185830 IMG_20150427_190135 IMG_20150427_190442 IMG_20150427_191115

March 2015

What we were up to in March:
Katie bug loves the snow!

Declan sometimes comes with me to help in Jonah’s class. He blends right in. (Not really, he’s actually kind of a pain, he wants to get into everything, but we love  him).


A boy and his dog.

IMG_20150303_125405 IMG_20150303_125414

And after the snow melted it got warm enough for a lemonade stand. Look at all these boys in the neighborhood!


Declan throws a lot of fits these days. It’s a good thing he’s so cute.


For Nick’s spring break we headed down to Zion’s national park for a quick camping getaway. It was still pretty cold at night being that it was March. But we got the kids some nice new sleeping bags and we all stayed warm.

IMG_20150318_145432 IMG_20150318_145617 IMG_20150318_155404 IMG_20150318_155834 IMG_20150318_161428 IMG_20150318_161831 IMG_20150318_164007 IMG_20150319_103028 IMG_20150319_122001

We walked a little ways into the narrows before our feet got too cold.  SO then we headed back to the sandy beach to warm up and play in the sand. This was probably the kids’ favorite part of the trip.


It’s a good thing I have such a strong husband to help lug these kiddos around!

IMG_20150319_165500 IMG_20150319_173751 IMG_20150319_191744 IMG_20150319_201650

We went into St. George on the last day and played for a bit at their natural playground, Pioneer park. The boys were in heaven.


IMG_20150320_112032 IMG_20150320_114843 IMG_20150320_115306 IMG_20150320_121722

Julie threw me a surprise party for my birthday and really did surprise me. When I walked in the door and everyone said happy birthday I actually looked behind myself to see who they were talking to. And on top of that it was Italian themed, she knows how much I miss Italia! Sometimes my heart just aches to be back there. It was such a great party!

IMG_20150322_182924 IMG_20150322_182958

Look at all these lovely people at my party! Emily was visiting from California and Natalie from New York (somehow their cute babies didn’t make it into this photo). My brother Cody even came.

IMG_20150322_201945 IMG_20150325_080900

Jonah’s kindergarten teacher has marveled at his fine motor skills many times, she says he will be an artist. Italian school did a lot of fine motor activities so Jonah is far ahead of his American peers in this. Sometimes I get pretty impressed too though, look at what he cut out by himself! I don’t think I could even do it that well. And look at that perfect coloring. This kid. Sometimes its a bad thing because he takes a lot longer to finish things then the other kids, which frustrates him. But he does a way nicer job.


$2 Tuesdays at the Tracy aviary. Jonah was loving this “Chinese pheasant”.

IMG_20150325_153146 IMG_20150325_154050 IMG_20150325_155507

We made a weekend trip to Boise to celebrate my Grandpa Tracy’s 80th birthday. Somehow I did not manage to get a picture of the birthday boy! Seeing my sisters kids is always fun. Nick couldn’t come because he had a project for school, so the kids and I went.

IMG_20150328_145403 IMG_20150328_160532

Stopped for a quick hike on our drive back, to stretch our legs, and you know…roll in the dirt a little.


February 2015

Here’s what we were up to in February:
A trip to check out that crazy store “scheels” with the ferris wheel inside. (We even got a free ride, the manager handed us some tokens just for the heck of it!) We discovered it’s a sporting goods store and has stuffed animals inside too.
IMG_20150201_114422 IMG_20150201_114506 (2) IMG_20150201_114516 IMG_20150201_121113 IMG_20150201_121157

I attempted to replace “blue”, Declan’s beloved blanket, with a thomas the train blanket. He liked it, but so far he has not allowed it as a replacement for when Blue is missing or in the wash.


As Jonah’s “class Mom” I help out with all the holiday parties, like this one on Valentine’s day. I also volunteer in his class once a week.


And our big news for February, the new addition to our family. Meet Katie bug the golden doodle. When she first arrived with Nick she refused to get out of the car and we were pretty sure she was going to bite someone’s hand off if we reached in. After several hours of debating what to do and almost taking her back to the family we got her from, Nick got a spray bottle and sprayed her with water until she got out of the car. Once she got out she was a doll, and has been fantastic. The family that had her before had 5 kids, so we know she’s good with kids.


Jonah’s school had an assembly with this awesome owl in attendance. A Eurasian owl I believe, one of the biggest kinds of owls. Who knew this guy lives in Europe?? I don’t think we ever saw one.


A trip to the zoo for free admittance day with my cousins wife Kiersty and the adorable Genevieve. Free day is a complete zoo (at the zoo), not sure if it’s worth it. But the kids had fun.

IMG_20150225_114725 IMG_20150225_122716

Declan flying his “airplane”.


Nick and I managed to get away for a day of skiing at Park City (thanks to a Recreation therapy activity through the National Ability Center where I used to teach ski lessons and also thanks to awesome in-laws who babysit for us!).


January 2015

Here’s what we were up to in January:
I met up with my best friend from 6th grade. I haven’t seen her since her wedding reception (maybe 6 years ago?) It was fun to meet her cute kids!
IMG_20150102_133754 IMG_20150112_124401My cutie pie boys.
IMG_20150112_185759 IMG_20150113_165016

School night at the foam pit. There is our fearless Jonah flying over the foam pit like Tarzan.


Finally got Declan to ride the horses at Farm country, he doesn’t look too sure though.



3D movie at the Dinosaur museum. We love our Thanksgiving point pass during these cold winter months!


Jonah was very excited to bring home the “class pet”.


We scored a great deal on circus tickets. The boys were enthralled.

IMG_20150128_171541 IMG_20150128_172044

Jonah had to dress up for school so Declan did it too. He has to be just like big brother.


December 2014

Happenings at the Lloyd house in December 2014:

Declan got a train table from Grandma and Grandpa Woodbury for his birthday. Delivered by Uncle Cuckoo. Thanks Mom! He loves it!

Declan cut his lip pretty good.


Declan actually swung on the swing without hating every second of it. This is a first for him!

IMG_20141204_160754 IMG_20141205_145855nopm

We went to the Christmas market at This is the place park and it was actually decent. There were even a few Italian vendors that I got to speak Italian to, some German sausage for dinner, handcrafted things and a great Santa! (Declan refused to get any closer to Santa, look at that expression!)

IMG_20141205_185118 IMG_20141205_190033 IMG_20141206_074755 IMG_20141210_171917

Their favorite spot in the curiosity museum these days is the “theater”. The kids can dress up, change the back ground, lighting and music. They march around the stage like crazy and try everything on, I love it (because I get to SIT and relax for a minute).


Jonah’s school did a “polar express” play for Christmas so we had to make him a “train”. This is the best I could do. Some of the trains were super fancy.


We went on a sleigh ride and sat on Santa’s lap at Riverwoods shops.


Wake up Daddy!

IMG_20141214_073143 IMG_20141216_145455 IMG_20141217_161726 IMG_20141217_164022 IMG_20141218_183541

Nick celebrated his first 4.0 for his first semester back to college. Way to go babe!


School santa got Jonah a little something he really wanted (with a little help form Mom, great idea on his teacher’s part!)


We took the boys to see the lights at temple square.

IMG_20141222_191404 IMG_20141222_191708 IMG_20141222_191727

We had Christmas eve and the Lloyd house. We have not had a Christmas at either of our family’s since Jonah’s very first Christmas, right before Nick deployed.

IMG_20141224_201032 IMG_20141224_201242

Christmas morning we did at our house. Gma and Gpa Lloyd came to us so we wouldn’t have to haul presents to their house.

IMG_20141225_071028 IMG_20141225_073156 IMG_20141225_073659

It even snowed on Christmas day, Jonah & Declan got to try out their new snow shovels from Grandma.


We then headed back over to the Lloyd house because they got a little more snow then us and they have sleds and an awesome sledding hill! Wahoo!! This would have been Declan’s first time sledding but I don’t think we ever managed to get him down the hill. Jonah loved it though.

IMG_20141225_154630 IMG_20141225_154722 IMG_20141225_165232 IMG_20141225_165920 IMG_20141225_172208

So fun to have Christmas near family again! Buon Natale!


November 2014

Here’s what we were up to in November 2014:

IMG_20141101_112429 IMG_20141104_134854 IMG_20141104_190352


Declan actually ate broccoli for the first time. He’s a rather picky eater but it also depends on the day.


We spent some time at the curiosity museum, they love it.

IMG_20141108_113437 IMG_20141108_130230

We had a “beard party” for Nick’s 30th birthday. Can’t believe my man is 30! That means I am next… I managed to convince him to trim his beard using his beard trimmer that he got for his birthday. He is sad about it, I am happy. Something about getting out of the military makes men grow facial hair, all his ex army buds have done it too.

IMG_20141109_173916 IMG_20141109_180337 IMG_20141109_180404 IMG_20141109_194502 IMG_20141109_200911

Nick attended a veterans day assembly at Jonah’s school, so fun to honor the dad’s and grandpa’s. There was even a WWII vet, someones Grandpa.

IMG_20141111_100541 IMG_20141111_120349

Declan is perfecting his fits just in time for turning two.


Jonah had primary program. Daddy took him to practice and Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd came to watch.

IMG_20141115_101217 IMG_20141116_222056 IMG_20141120_165743

We are loving the park in our neighborhood. Lot’s of space to roam.


Declan getting his “frozen” on. He makes a cute Elsa if I do say so.

IMG_20141124_182912 IMG_20141125_165431

Jonah at gymnastics class, climbing the rope.


We had Thanksgiving at the Lloyd house. I had to work that day but arrived after work. Jonah was enthralled with the butter turkeys that Grandma made. And both the boys LOVED making graham cracker houses. We love going to Grandmas! It takes a lot of pressure of the holidays off of me when I don’t have to make it special for my boys all on my own (like I’ve always had to do).


We celebrated Declan turning TWO! We had a pizza party at Costco and also celebrated at Grandma’s house.

IMG_20141128_184107 IMG_20141130_173422

Declan is such a weird eater, he would not eat the pasta that Grandma made special for him. He would not even eat the special strawberry cupcakes she made for him. He did however eat the strawberry off the top of the cupcake.

IMG_20141130_173613 IMG_20141130_175650

Halloween 2014, Mario and Captain America

So let’s talk about Halloween 2014. The boy’s had a blast! Halloween is not a big thing in Italy, so we went a little overboard indulging in Halloween activities this year. A week before Halloween the community center had a Halloween party so we went to check that out, there were lot’ s of fun games and TONS of people.

IMG_20141024_182150 IMG_20141024_180113

We wanted to try out all the local trick or treat hot spots so we hit three of them. A car dealership with all the local businesses doing trunk or treat, main street businesses and our neighborhood. Grandma and Grandpa Lloyd joined us for neighborhood trick or treating, it was so much fun to have them along!

IMG_20141031_152235 IMG_20141031_160801 IMG_20141031_145354

Jonah had a parade through his hallways at school and then I helped with his school party as I am the room Mom, so I spent all day at his school. We had mummy dogs for dinner the night before Halloween, Jonah and Declan each made their own.


IMG_20141031_095059 IMG_20141030_182106

A few weeks before Halloween we went to Cornbelly’s for a good old fashioned corn maze and other fall activities. Jonah was not a fan of the corn maze as being lost is really not his favorite thing (we may have been lost a few too many times in Europe, haha).

IMG_20141030_170531 IMG_20141016_180538 IMG_20141016_180404 IMG_20141016_171201 IMG_20141016_164311 IMG_20141016_161129IMG_20141016_165510


Inside in October

We also spent some time inside in October. Getting to know our new nephew, Graham. Declan and Jonah just LOVE holding their cousin. Pure adoration on their faces, and Graham was a very good sport about it.









The family that reads together…it has been exciting to watch Jonah start to read. He loves to read to his little brother.


Making new friends. Declan is in love with the little neighbor girl names Isla. And Jonah has two new best friends that are ALL boy just like him, Jonah and Boston.





And a free day at the aquarium. The boys were in heaven.





Outside in October

October has been warm (for October) and beautiful! We have done our best to get outside every chance we get. We hiked to Rocky Mouth falls:

Drove the Alpine loop to see the beautiful fall colors:
IMG_20141017_172304 IMG_20141017_173454
Rolled in the leaves:
IMG_20141012_182150 IMG_20141012_182020IMG_20141012_181759

And even drove to the top of Squaw peak and watched the sun set:

IMG_20141011_190213 IMG_20141011_191306


Kindergarten picture!

Here is Jonah’s kindergarten photo, isn’t he adorable?!

And a Mom fail… I ordered only the CD of his photo instead of prints, not realizing that it does not come with a class photo. So I had to borrow Chantilly’s class photo to scan in, she and Jonah are good buddies though so it works.