My Beautiful Wife Jen

This is me and my gorgeous new wife Jen! We’re smiling but in all actuality this captured moment is rather bitter sweet. It’s the day after our marriage, so we’re happy as can be about that, but this is also the last time we’re going to see each other for three months. The bulk of that three months is now over and at the time of this post we’ll only be two and a half weeks from being in each others arms again! We’ve been through so much to get to where we are, and more than likely we will have to endure much more, but through our adversity our marriage has found a strength I feel is uncommon for the short length of time it’s existed. We are so desperately in love and so incredibly committed to one another.

As you can see, I married a stone cold fox. Jen is ridiculously beautiful, and what’s more she’s got a brain to match. In many ways she’s more intelligent than I (i.e. she didn’t drop out of college to join the army) and I love her for it. I’ve been trying to get her to pursue a masters degree because in my opinion a mind is a terrible thing to waste and she’s certainly got the intellect to continue on in school, but we’ll see how it goes.

It’s been so spectacularly difficult to be away from Jen these last few months, especially because we haven’t been able to spend a single night together since our marriage on the day I graduated basic training. The day Jen gets here will be one of the happiest of my life, I can’t wait to see her! I have so many wonderful things planned for us like trips to Washington D.C. and Baltimore, candlelight dinners, romantic carriage rides and many other activities. Knowing that I might deploy sometime within the next year has really made me think about how precious the time is we’re going to have together while I’m stationed here in Maryland.

This blog will be a good way for Jen and I to let our friends and family know how we’re doing, as well as record the ups and downs and terribly romantic day to day happenings of newly wed life. Log in every once in a while to see what’s going on in the life of the Lloyds!

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