It has finally come! The day that I can say I will see my husband in two weeks! Only two more weeks of work, only two more weeks of Utah and living alone in a moldy basement! On Friday, May 9th, I will jump in my car and begin the long drive to Maryland, 31 hours long. I wish that there was a way to just be there on May 9th…but since no one has invented a way of teleporting yet, I will just have to be patient and make the journey.
Just think, on Monday, I can say that I leave “next week”. It makes me wonder if these next two weeks will pass quickly or if they will feel like an eternity like the last few weeks have.
My heart is already in Maryland, which is making if difficult for me to give my all at work. I remember right before my boss left for her maternity leave, her heart was not in it and I have to admit that it bothered me. So I am trying hard to give it my all and not become absent minded at work. But to tell you the truth, I just want to be out of here. I know I shouldn’t wish my days away, saying that I’ll be happy when this or that happens. But I think that this is a big enough thing that I am looking forward to that I should be allowed to just wish I was there! How many people have lived apart from their husband for the first three months of their marriage? I believe that it is a difficult enough task that I should be allowed to wish it was over! Wouldn’t you?

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