Getting Closer!

It’s getting closer and closer to the time that my beautiful wife Jen will get here, and I for one am more excited than a ten year old on Christmas Eve! I miss my wife so much and being apart from her these last five months has been incredibly difficult. I love her with all my heart and when she gets here I’m going to be the happiest man alive!

My mother Julie Lloyd is also going to be coming to Fort Meade. She’s going to be driving with Jen to keep her company on the extremely long drive. I’m excited to see her, especially since I missed her birthday and I’ll miss Mothers Day too, but I’ll only miss Mothers Day by about 17 hours so I think I can still say “Happy Mothers Day!!” when I see her. Jen and I are extremely grateful for my moms willingness to drive with Jen.

School here at Fort Meade is getting a little tougher. I scored a 75% on today’s quiz, the lowest quiz score I’ve received, but my average is still in the 90s so I think I’m ok. The army is being ridiculous as usual in that I have not received my Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) as of yet, so they owe me for about 2 months of housing! Hopefully the BAH situation will be resolved before my wife gets here and our housing office starts demanding rent!

Anyway, I love my wife and I can’t wait to see her. Less than two weeks now!

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