Less than a week!

My beautiful wife Jen and I are less than a week away from reuniting! Friday morning she’s going to start the long car trip here with my mom at her side. I can’t wait to see her. We’ve been waiting SO long and now we’ll finally get to be together again.

Today marks the end of my performance exam in the Basic Still Photography course for this functional area (kind of like the last test on a chapter). I have already turned in my “perf” and am waiting for the grade. I hope I did well! Tomorrow is the written exam and so I’m going to study hard tonight so I can do well. Hopefully I’ll be able to bring my grade into the high 90s so that I can graduate with honors from the course.

Life at the detachment is ridiculous as usual. There are a lot of very stupid people who live in close proximity and unfortunately their actions often reflect on me even if I have nothing to do with them. I have a rising fear that everyone’s going to be on phaseback this coming weekend because of some very stupid actions from this last weekend. I hope and pray this doesn’t happen because I have a lot riding on my being able to leave on Sunday and see my wife and mother. Hopefully cooler heads will prevail at the detachment and the cadre will realize that isolated and individual incidents do not represent the whole of student company. Overall we are trying to follow the rules and do the right thing. We have a very intelligent and level headed 1st Sergeant and I hope that he will see that mass punishment will only exacerbate the situation. One of the main problems which is creating these incidents is overcrowding and poor living conditions, perhaps this will be taken into account. We are all making the best of a difficult situation. I realize that more problems make life difficult for the cadre, but I hope they realize that the privates at student company are trying their best.

Well, I hope things go well this week and that I won’t have any negative news to report when I blog next. As long as I get to see my wife and mother on Sunday I think I’ll live.

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