Finally here!

I made it! After three days of driving and two nights of cheap hotels I am now residing in Maryland with my husband Nick at Fort Meade. My Mother-in-law, Julie, helped make the journey here a much more pleasant one than it would have been just driving by myself! So thank you Julie, for coming with me across the country! And for being willing to sacrifice your mothers day with your family.

Right before I left Utah, I gained a niece and almost lost a sister. Thanks to everyone’s prayers, my sister is still with us and I am excited for her to begin the adventure of a new baby. They named her Mersadie Nicole Hunter.

Since Julie and I got here on Saturday and her flight did not leave until Monday, we had Sunday to explore. In the morning we went to the local LDS ward, which although they were few in numbers, they were by far the noisiest ward I have EVER attended! After church we headed into Washington D.C. where we went to the Space and Flight museum. They have the actual Wright brothers plane…the very first plane to fly! Nick and I are pretty excited to be so close to the capitol and all the neat things to do and see.
I dropped Julie off at the airport this morning and Nick off at work/training. I spent the day organizing the few things that we have here. Most of what we own is currently in possession of the moving company who has until May 21st to get it here. Nick and I will be camping out on the floor until our stuff (including our bed which I already miss “sorely”) arrives.

Living on a military base is like being in a whole different world. It’s like a special club for members…you have to have an I.D. to even get onto the base, especially this one since the most secret top secret government agency is on this base. Sometimes they even search your car when you come on base! Once on the base, it’s like a town. There are different neighborhoods, shopping (all tax free of course!) and even a hotel! If we wanted to, we could stay on the base for the rest of our lives and have everything we need! But of course, there are some very cool things just outside the gate…this base is halfway between Washington D.C. and Baltimore. There are so many places to go and things to do around here that Nick and I are going to have to get busy if we want to see even HALF of it!

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