YAY for the weekend!

Thanks to a three day weekend, Nick and I were able to do a little bit of exploring. Saturday we went to Annapolis, the capital of Maryland. We spent time walking around the harbor area and went out to eat at “Reynold’s tavern”. We enjoyed the small town eastern charms of the city and the sea air. When we were all tuckered out from walking we sat on the pier and watched the sun set as the ships docked. It was a beautiful night.

Sunday we went to Baltimore for the afternoon. We walked around the harbor and went to the Hard Rock Cafe. After taking lots of pictures while waiting for a table and then for our meal, we wandered around the harbor area and watched a spectacular street performance. A man juggled a bowling ball, a razor sharp sword, and a torch while balancing on two skateboards on a round pipe. It was pretty impressive. After the days activities we spent an hour helping a rich woman get her mercedes started. We’d never jumped a car that nice and couldn’t find the battery leads at first. When we finally did, there was no black lead, only a red one and we were confused, but managed to get it going while she stood and watched, smoking a cigarette. She shoved five dollars into our hands as we left. Thanks lady.

Monday we went to Washington D.C. to the Arlington Cemetery for Memorial day, figuring it was the most appropriate place to be on this particular holiday. It was also our first experience taking the Metro…not too bad. We took pictures of the graves and honored the dead by remembering their sacrifice. It was somewhat difficult and sobering given Nick’s line of work. Every tombstone we read seemed to remind us that Nick is soon going to be in a dangerous combat zone taking pictures while bullets zoom overhead. We didn’t talk much and wandered hand in hand wondering about how the men and women buried there met there fate.

Also, we took pictures of our home. Our stuff arrived on May 16th and we weren’t expecting it until the 21st, so that worked out very nicely! Keep in mind that we’re not all the way moved in yet when you look at the photos. We’re still waiting for our nice leather sofa and loveseat that are in the mail, and our spare room could use some TLC, but it’s really beginning to feel like home. If you look close, you can see the flowering bush we planted in the back yard.

To view the rest of our pictures, go to: Nick and Jen’s Pictures

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