IT’S A…..

And here is the first belly shot! (And I AM wearing clothing, you just don’t see it in this shot 🙂 This is my belly at approx 23 wks and I’m pushing it out as far as I can for dramatic effect!

In honor of the gender of our baby (which we found out right before Christmas) I have changed the color of our background to this lovely blue…that’s right! It’s a BOY!

Oh and by the way, try out my new widget on the right there. Just click “get name” to see lots of different names…some of them are weird, but let me know if you see any good ones! (Nick and I can’t seem to agree on a boy name!)

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  1. I totally thought the picture was of a baby butt! lol Pregnant belly. Got it. Now I know why you were like, “baby butt?”

    Anyway, you did totally look cute today.

    Boy names…I’m partial to Joshua, Bryson and Grant. Can you blame me?

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