The holidays…

I’ve always thought that the holidays should be a little later in the winter. It seems like they are right at the beginning and then they’re over and you’ve got nothing but yucky winter for a few months. Which in Maryland apparently consists of gloomy skies and rain…no snow to make it at least a little pretty!

Before heading home for the holidays we made a trip to DC to see the national Christmas tree…it was pretty! We thought more of DC would be decorated as well, but it turns out it really wasn’t.

Then we headed home for our wonderful holiday vacation to both our parents’. Nick got to experience being an Uncle for the first time now that we’re married…below is a picture of our nephew playing in the snow.

Our holidays were wonderful! We flew into Spokane where my parents picked us up. We spent the week of Christmas with my family. I love Christmas as my parents’ house because they have a Christmas tree farm in their front yard, so there’s always someone out there cutting down a tree, it’s quite festive. It was nice because it was the first chance Nick has really gotten to spend some time with my family. And oh boy did we spend time together! There was no escaping it! We were snowed in half the time; Northern Idaho has been all over the news for the amount of snow they got this Christmas. The picture below is my Dad trying to dig us out…it took ALL day!

But lucky for us, the roads did miraculously clear up and we were able to make the drive down to Utah. We spent the week of New Years with Nick’s family. We had Cafe Rio 3-4 times within the week and Nick got to go skiing. (Grrrr. not me cuz I’m prego!) It was nice to be in Utah, to be home for Nick, and semi-home for me (I spent my college years mostly there).

Then to top it all off, that weekend we had our LONG awaited reception! We got married in February in South Carolina. We spent a few hours together and then had to part ways due to Nick’s training and my job commitment. Then in May, I moved here to Maryland. But Christmas was the first time we’ve both been back home since we got married so we decided better late than never and we had a reception. It did feel a little strange to wear a wedding dress while five months pregnant…but I was determined to get some nice wedding pictures and have a semi-normal wedding experience. We had a lot of people there and over all it was a success! Since it was in Utah, my mother-in-law Julie had to do a lot of the footwork to make sure everything worked out, plus she made my amazing cupcake tower! I’m so lucky to have great in-laws! Thanks to everyone that came to support us! Nick wasn’t all that excited to have a reception but ended up really enjoying it! I’ll get some pictures up when I get them from the photographer.

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  1. I’m glad you guys had such a good time. My family had to cancel a trip up to Spokane to see more of my family because of that same crazy storm.

    BUT now that we’re all back in the dreary northeast winter, can we play?

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